1a.Jewish Amsterdam Tour with Naomi Koopmans
2a.Jewish Amsterdam Tour with Naomi Koopmans
3a.Jewish Amsterdam Tour with Naomi Koopmans
4a.Jewish Amsterdam Tour with Naomi Koopmans

Jewish Amsterdam Tour


  • The Portuguese Synagogue
  • The Jewish Museum
  • The Holocaust Memorial
  • Landmarks in Amsterdam’s old Jewish quarter


  • Small group tour with max 10 participants
  • Daily 3 hour tour 10am-1pm
  • Professional Jewish guide Naomi Koopmans
  • The tour is operated in English
  • Price €45 p.p. excl. entrance fees €20 p.p.


Is a visit to the Anne Frank House 

included in this tour?

A visit to the Anne Frank House is not part of this tour. However, on this tour you’ll get valuable insights into Anne Frank’s plight and that of the entire Dutch Jewish community during WWII.

Is it feasible to visit the Anne Frank House on the same day after this tour?

Yes, many of my clients visit the Anne Frank House in the afternoon after my tour.

How to get to the Anne Frank House from the Portuguese Synagogue?

The easiest is by cab. There is a cab stand near the Portuguese Synagogue. This is an estimated 15 minutes ride.

Do you get inside of the sites on this tour?

Yes, on this tour you get inside of the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Names Monument.

Is this tour suitable for kids?

Yes, this tour is suitable for kids. Over the years I have accommodated many families with children of different ages on this tour and they left me very positive reviews. 🙂

Is there a lot of walking on this tour?

This is a walking tour. However, the sites to visit are close to each other. Besides inside the Portuguese Synagogue and the Jewish Museum are places to sit down conveniently.

Is there a kosher place for lunch nearby?

After the tour you can have lunch in the Jewish Museum Cafe. As it opens on Shabat, it’s not kosher certified. However, it stands under supervison of the local Rabbinate and they bring in only dairy parve kosker catering.

Can luggage be stored inside the Portuguese Synagogue or Jewish Museum?

For safety reasons, large suitcases cannot be taken- nor stored inside of the Portuguese Synagogue and Jewish Museum.

Do you have to bring your passports to enter the Portuguese Synagogue?

For the purpose of sightseeing, i.e. on this tour, you don’t have to bring your passports to enter the Portuguese Synagogue. To attend services there, you need to bring your passports and special arrangments need to be made with their direction.