Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam | Winter synagogue | Visit with tourguide of Amsterdam Jewish heritage Naomi Koopmans
In Memoriam - Lizkor - לזכר - Text entrance Amsterdam Holocaust Names monument - Shape monument aerial view
Torah mantles in Portuguese Synagogue Amsterdam | Visit with tourguide Amsterdam Jewish heritage Naomi Koopmans
Amsterdam Holocaust Names Monument | Design Daniel Liebeskind | Visit with tourguide of Jewish heritage Naomi Koopmans



You’ll be moved to see centuries old Torah scrolls with their costly adornments,

that made it safely through World War II.

Hebrew inscriptions on monumental facades of canal houses that reveal why Amsterdam’s waterways once were called

the Jewish canals‘.

A 17th century ‘Siddur‘, prayer book,

printed in Portuguese,

used by the ‘Conversos‘ or ‘Marranos‘,

Jewish refugees who settled safely

in Amsterdam and whose command

of Hebrew had been reduced to zero 

under the yoke of the Spanish/Portuguese Inquisition.

A ‘Zedaka’, charity box with a skull depiction. What is in Judaism precisely the relation between charity and death?

Is the sand on the floor of the synagogue

due to an idle ‘Gabbai‘, synagogue keeper 😉 

or does it perhaps have a symbolic value?


Tailored delivery

Don’t let all of those details put you off! 

Naomi will be sensitive to tailor her delivery 

to your level of affinity with Judaism.


Comprehensive experience

Oh and why were there once, 

in the current location of 

Amsterdam’s Jewish Museum,

four ‘Shuls‘, synagogues?

Well, three Jews, four synagogues? 😉

I think you get the idea …

Naomi will move back and forth from history and religion to jokes, to render

the most comprehensive 

Jewish Amsterdam experience!